For speakers

What is the event format?

60 minutes;

  • 10 minutes of people logging in and getting settled
  • 5 minutes intro
  • 30 minute interview / conversation
  • 15 minutes Q&A with the audience

The Q&A can run longer at the speaker's discretion.

what do i need to do?

During the event you will log in, be met by a Delphi team manager and shown where to sit.

You will need a computer with a mic - anything that you would use for a podcast or a VoIP call.

The event interviewer will introduce you and manage the show.

The media manager will handle any presentation slides or other media you want to share.

I have slides / video clips / other media

With prior notice we can set that up and have a media manager live at the talk handling any media you want to share, projecting it onto a large screen behind your avatar.

We can show you how to do that if you prefer. It is easy to show videos, slides, etc.

Can i invite people?

Yes! Feel free to message people on social media as you would any other talk or live event. As people can attend remotely it is worth doing a final message blast just before the event starts.

Is the event recorded?

Yes. We will be streaming it live to our Youtube channel so people who are not inworld can also participate, and the event will be recorded for posterity there too. Feel free to share that version.

How do I prepare?

It is worth logging in to the virtual world before the event and learning how to walk and chat and getting your avatar dressed.

Before your event we arrange a 30 minute orientation with our event manager who can ensure the viewer is installed on your machine and can meet you inworld and give you a quick tutorial on everything you need to know.

Who is behind this?


The Delphi Talks are organised by Sine Wave Entertainment, a virtual world company that built the platform where the events take place.

We love virtual worlds because they bring people together.