What are the Delphi talks about?

We are all storytellers today. Sometimes technology tries to tell our stories without us even asking it to!

We invite guests to join us and a live audience as we explore art, games and stories in the modern world;

  • Who are the great storytellers of today?
  • What does it mean to be a storyteller in the Internet age?
  • Does a social media thumbs up qualify as a story?
  • If we are all roleplaying, who are the role models?
  • Is technology making us better storytellers or turning us into guided characters in stories we do not control?
  • Does increased academic testing create children who only know how to tell stories to robots?
  • As we devote more time to streamed media, is it possible to have too much art and not enough life?
  • How do we choose which stories matter to us and which are distractions?
  • Is reality a bit passe?
  • As storytelling technology becomes more powerful do we need to become better at judging stories?
  • Who is winning the story arms race?
  • As our lives become saturated with stories, do stories lose their power?
  • What power do we want stories to have over us?
  • Are we suffering from meta fatigue? Or is more meta always better?